Thank you for purchasing our Stealth IID Cover. We are glad to help you and return a sense of normalcy while you drive with your IID. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns. Below is a simple list of instructions for you to get you back out on the road and not have you feel the embarassment or shame of having an IID.

  1. While car/ignition is turned off
  2. Unplug your IID. This can be done by removing the cord (similar to a phone jack or a printer plug depending on model of your IID)
  3. Once it is disconnected, place the IID in the Stealth cover.
  4. Plug the cord back into the bottom of the cover and connect it to your IID. 
  5. Your cover is lined with an industrial strength velcro and we have included an additional piece that some our customers cut and apply to the face of your IID. A majority of our users find that it is supported enough within the cover but we do supply this option to you. 
  6. Place the lid on top of the cover allowing your mouthpiece to fit through the designed cut out. 
  7. Turn on your car, blow and go.