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IID Cover - LifeSafer

You got a DUI. A court mandates that you install an IID.
Now you need to go Stealth.

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Submitted on 05/15/2014 by

The best $20 I have ever spent

Maybe it's a little expensive for what is essentially a plastic cup. But it fits my Life Safer. And it solves my problem. Why didn't I think of this business!

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Submitted on 04/22/2014 by

The Stealth Cover is the real LifeSaver

I was a bit skeptical ordering a cover as I wasn't sure what to expect. It really did make driving with an interlock a lot less embarrassing (I have two young kids 5-7 and they think its my sippy cup). Chandler was really helpful in answering my questions and took several of my calls.

Thanks Stealth!

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