Stealth Interlock Cover (IID) was created after personally feeling the constant shame and awkwardness associated with having an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed after my own DUI conviction.

Whether it was driving to and from work, picking up kids from school, running errands in my neighborhood, or even heading to church, these daily occurences continued to be shameful and awkward. This shame and awkwardness had to end. 

I personally have had 4 different Interlock models installed into my own car, LifeSafer, Drager, SmartStart, and Guardian to create 4 custom models that will work perfectly to conceal your interlock. We also offer a standard version which fits all Vertical Interlock models. As a result we guarantee a 100% satisfaction on your purchase of the Stealth Interlock Cover. The Stealth Cover has sold in all 50 States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns you can contact us at orders@stealthmfg.com.

                            "Driving with an Interlock doesn't have to Blow"