Will my Ignition Interlock Device (IID) work with the Stealth cover?
Yes. The Stealth cover was customized to fit the exact dimensions of IID manufacturers (EXCEPT INTOXALOCK). Click here to see your IID.

How does the Stealth Cover work with my LifeSafer Interlock since I cant disconnect it?
I personally had the LifeSafer Interlock installed in my car for over a year and devised the perfect cover for this  model. Since you can't disconnect it, we customized the bottom of the cover to slide over the top of the LifeSafer Interlock. The lid is customized to the exact dimensions of the LifeSafer Interlock holding it in place and fits nice and snug. I personally stand by this product 100% and don't be fooled by imitation in the form of LifeSafer's Camo Cup, which is sold for $30.

Can't I just make my own? 
You could try, but I know firsthand that there is not a cup available at Fast food restaurants, coffee shops, etc. that will secure your Interlock in place and hold up to the 20-30 times a day you will be using your device. This is the reason why I invented the Stealth Cover. 

What is your return policy?

Does the Stealth interfere with measuring BAC or tamper with your IID?
No. The Stealth was designed to allow the IID to work properly by allowing the sensors and vents of your IID to be unobstructed for zero impact when measuring your BAC. The Stealth IID has been used 1,000s of times and continues to be the standard.

Will it sit in my current cup holder?
Yes. The bottom of the cover was designed around the universal width and depth used in all automobile manufacturers. A much more convenient option versus having it loose while you drive.

Is shipping within the USA included?
Yes. Please allow 5-7 days.

Do you ship international?
We ship to Canada. All other countries are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Stealth IID.

Universal Fit for All Devices (Except Intoxalock)

Draeger Safety Diagnostics INTERLOCK ® XT, SmartStart SSI-20/20, Golden State Interlock FR 9000, Alcohol Detection Systems DM-904 and DM-909, Instant Interlock, Alco Alert Interlock, Lifesafer SC-100 and FC-100, Low Cost Interlock Autowatch/TAB 720, Clean Start Systems APIID 7000 (DOES NOT WORK FOR Intoxalock 1001)