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I am looking for some of my old flames

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I am looking for some of my old flames

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Pin 0shares I had the most pleasant surprise recently, someone that I dated in University reached out to me on Facebook.

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There are many things that I did that I have absolutely no regrets about and some that I wish I had handles differently but I have no desire to go back. A couple of years ago when we were all turning 50, a few of us opd decided to have a weekend away.

This Facebook friend request last week was different. Just because someone wants to reconnect does not mean that you have to.

What really clinched it was looking at the whole thing from a wifely viewpoint, one I'm not used to peering through anymore. In my naive mind, it was no big thing.

One Providing massage services to you suggested maybe the reason the married fellas come sniffing around is because THOSE are the men I'm giving attention to During a recent conversation, he suggested meeting for lunch somewhere, to catch up. I know for damn sure my worry flags would have sprung to life if I'd discovered my hubby was chatting online with his old, glames serious, girlfriend.

What if I am destined to be everyone's perpetually single Aunt Jenny, showing up at parties wearing chunky necklaces and Eileen Fisher tunics, carrying a tub of my famous spinach dip? "They may see some lost love and they say, 'What the heck' and send.

Most of the people you see here are friends that I have reconnected with in the last 7 years. Suggest a correction. A while back I posed a question to the people on my blog's Facebook.

That reunion proved to fames instrumental in introducing me to Facebook. In hindsight, I am so glad the meeting with Old Flame never took place.

Old flames can't hold a candle to you

It's frustrating. Many people feel this sense of obligation because someone reached out. He sent me a friend request on Facebook a few years ago and on occasion, we exchanged messages.

Old Flame is my college boyfriend. But I have a habit of being blissfully oblivious as to what constitutes a societal no-no.

Looking up old flame? think twice

I reconnected with a Wives seeking hot sex TX Burleson 76028 of his buddies on Facebook after that first high school reunion in It sucked. Which is probably a good thing, right? We did the long-distance thing for several months before I decided to end it, citing the difficulties of keeping love alive with thousands of miles between us.

We loooing how we use to party like it was when in fact it was I am always and I mean always amused that the guys have grown beards, gained a few pounds, stared to grey or have gone bald. Remember, it is within your power to accept, reject or ignore a request. She blogs about travel in Canada, the United States and Europe giving practical advice through restaurant, hotel and attraction reviews.

about Looking for Bahamas sensual fun old flame is the most common trigger of the urge for od reunion. Parton included her version on her Dolly, Dolly, Dolly album, and it was released as the album's second single after the success of " Starting Over Again ".

Looking at it from other perspectives made it perfectly clear: the past needs to stay in the past.

Regardless of feedee seeks feeder, no matter how innocent it may seem, most of my awesome readers felt it was a terrible, no good, very bad idea. So many of the comments were som of my Old Flame. Back in the s, it was rare for a married person to reach out to a first love.

Looking up old flame? think twice - sfgate

Post lookijg. I was in London, he was in Kingston. What if that was my one real love and I threw it all away 25 years ago? It was unexpected. See, I am so clueless.

Old flames can't hold a candle to you - wikipedia

A cocktail or two would be had, and memories would bubble up to the surface, some of them still tender even after the passage of so much time. Could this be me?

No moral dilemma here: I blocked him! Old lives.

Old flames: are we playing with fire? | huffpost life

They feel guilty otherwise. You always hope in your heart of hearts that the women look worse than you do and the men still look dashing.

I accepted your Friend request.